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DB Sanity (english)

English Version     Deutsche Version

Your Concern

Quite often production data contains many inconsistencies and faults which can even contradict your current system requirements. This can be caused by historic bugs, data migration problems and aborted processes.

If you are lucky the system will ignore these bad sets of data (e.g. and consider them incomplete) but if you are unlucky they will act as ticking timebombs ready to explode when an unfortunate use case trips on one of these sets (e.g. a postal system that causes the wrong postage costs). A lot of time can be spent on finding work arounds or manually cleaning the data in question.


Our Solution

DB Sanity is a tool to define and verify individual data requirements as and when they are needed. It can also be used to systematically clean the production system when appropriate.

Have a look at these PDF presentation slides that introduce you to data issues and the way DB Sanity is resolving them.


Supported systems

DB Sanity is supposed to work on

  • any system that supports Java 6 or newer, e.g. Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris
  • with any database for which a JDBC driver exists, e.g. Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, HSQL, H2, Derby, Firebird, CUBRID
  • with any web browser, e.g. Frefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari


QA Process

Each release of DB Sanity is tested

  • with Java 6 on Windows XP and Mac OS X
  • on Oracle and HSQL databases
  • with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome

Further Information



Important Addresses



The first steps in this methodology resulted from Björn Kellermann's idea to verify database data by writing queries, which search for error conditions and return the erroneous data. The approach was realized using SQLUnit, but quickly was limited by the tool's abilities. So it was time for a more practicable tool and I developed DB Sanity.

Version Date
Main Topics
Proof of concept
Hierarchical check suites
Improved Visualization
Inofficial release
Impact analysis
Correction process support
 0.8 2011-06-16
Predefined check types
Bug fixes
Bug fixes

Automatic version number retrieval,
report size reduction


More predefined check types,
client-side checks

small report fixes and enhancements
 0.9.22011-11-29Tag cloud, hierarchy mechanism
improved report navigation
additional check types
supporting CUBRID, range check