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Hello World Tutorial


1. Create a descriptor file

After installing benerator, create a file benerator.xml with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <generate type="message" count="5" consumer="ConsoleExporter" >
        <attribute name="text" type="string" pattern="(Hello|Hi|Howdy) (World|Earth|Planet)"/>

That's a benerator descriptor file! It contains data descriptions and commands for benerator. It has some similarities with an ant file.

2. Check the descriptor file

Look at the code: After importing some default classes and packages, you see that 5 entities of type 'message' shall be created and consumed by a 'ConsoleExporter'. Each entity shall contain an attribute 'text' of type 'string' which complies to the regular expression '(Hello|Hi|Howdy) (World|Earth|Planet)'.

3. Run benerator

Open a shell in the directory that contains the descriptor file and if you are using Windows, type



Now benerator will run the descriptor file and generate messages similar to these:

message[text=Hi World]
message[text=Hello World]
message[text=Hello Planet]
message[text=Hello Planet]
message[text=Hello Earth]