What does the license mean for me?

Saturday, 23 August 2008 08:41 Volker Bergmann

Dual License

Databene generator is released under a dual license,

  1. GPL with exceptions
  2. Commercial 


The general intention is to let you perform all tasks (I consider) typical for a user under GPL (e.g. testing it, using it in consultancy services for 3rd parties), but restricting tasks typical for a software author or vendor for commercial licensees (selling trainings, books, support services).

If you are using and distributing Benerator and all test code exclusively in one firm, organization or concern or only in the context of a GPL-licensed product, you can use Benerator without caring about needs for commercial licensing.

For all other cases, lets first consider the type of components involved and check the lincense's consequences on them:

In order to test a software product (A), Benerator (B) will be used and Test Code (C) written, that calls Benerator and probably extends it.

I Derivative Work

Benerator's distribution policy is less restrictive than the pure GPL:

Product (A): If the Test Code C is not a component distributed with product A, then Product A is not subject to the GPL License.

Benerator (B): May be archived in versioning and build systems in order to support the test and build. Free online access to these systems can be provided, in order to download the build – components. This is not regarded as distribution, and also does not have the effect of bringing Product A under the GPL License.

Test Code (C): This is, according to GPL, "Derivative Work" in the sense of Section 2 of the GNU General Public License and can be distributed further under the following conditions:

II Services

As regulated in the GNU General Public License, you may apply Benerator for the testing of any software – also as a component of a purchased test and consultancy service for a third party.

But compared to the GPL, product-vendor-like services are restricted to commercial licensees: In order to offer

for Benerator, a commercial license must be acquired.

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